Review Guidelines

These guidelines have been written for people who leave reviews (“Reviewer(s)”) as well as companies and websites which are being reviewed (“Website(s)”).

For Reviewers

We greatly appreciate that you are sharing your knowledge and experience. The following Review Guidelines apply to make your experience and those of others better. 

  • You own your reviews: You are the owner of the reviews you post. You can edit and remove them on your profile page. This also means that you are legally responsible for all the reviews you post. If a Website disagrees with a review you posted, they will be able to contact you via our system via email to discuss the review.
  • Reviews must be based on your experience: Your reviews must be about a real experience you have had with the Website you review. We may ask you for proof of your interaction with the website. This can be an order confirmation, invoice, delivery notes, screenshots of your user profile or email correspondence with the Website.
  • Reviews must be legit: Your review must be legit and may not violate or infringe applicable law, other people's or companies' rights, including intellectual property rights and rights of privacy.
  • Reviews must be relevant: The review must give your opinion about the Website. They may not contain political, ethical or commercial content, links to other sites or otherwise contain information not related to the experience you have had with the Website.
  • Reviews may not be violent/discriminatory: We accept emotional reviews which may contain some foul language. We do NOT accept reviews that incite to violence and/or are sexist, political, racial or otherwise contain discriminatory content.
  • Reviews must respect other persons’ privacy: Personal information about another individual, such as a person's name, personal address, phone number, email address, credit card information may not be displayed in a review.
  • Reviewers should not benefit: As a Reviewer, you may not accept gifts, payment or other reimbursements for leaving a review for a Website. You may not review Websites which you or your direct family owns or competes with. The same applies to reviews of companies of which you are an employee or have a working relationship with.

We do not censor, monitor or moderate reviews on our Website, either before or after reviews are published. A Website or other users of our platform can report your Review to us for violation of the Review Guidelines we have listed above. In such a case we will evaluate the report. 

If we consider the review in violation of our Review Guidelines, we will hide the review and ask you as reviewer to either edit the review or send us proof of your experience within 7 days. Once the review is edited or enough proof is provided, we will unhide the review. If the review is not edited within 7 days or sufficient proof is provided, we have the right to permanently hide the review.

For Websites

If you do not agree with a review you can create a free account and contact the reviewer to discuss the review.

Only if in your opinion the review violates the Review Guidelines and after you have contacted the reviewer and you cannot come to a solution, you can start a Notice and Take Down procedure.