Scamadviser Business Services

Scamadviser offers several services for businesses to help them separate reliable online stores and sites from scams and fraudulent websites.

If you are interested in the Scamadviser Trust Score API or our Alert Services, please contact us.

Scamadviser Trust Score API

The Scamadviser Trust Score API is a fast and easy way for business to check the trustworthiness of a website and integrate it within their risk assessment flow.

The website's URL is all you need. From this single input Scamadviser will do all the hard work, and provide you with our bespoke Trust Score (from 0% to 100%).

Our algorithm analyses the online store looking for both positive and negative factors and evaluating its trustworthiness.

In addition Scamadviser warns you if a Trust Score drops or increases, helping you to manage your risk after having approved the website.  

The Scamadviser Trust Score API helps several kinds of companies:

  • Advertising platforms: If you are a social media platform, affiliate network or display advertising system, you do not want to show fraudulent or questionable advertisements. 
  • Market places & suppliers: Knowing that an online store is a legitimate and trustworthy business can save you a lot of headaches down the line. 
  • (Payment) service providers: Independent of if you offer payment solutions, email marketing services or other online services, by helping a fraudulent website, you are in trouble with customers performing chargebacks, demanding refunds or suing for damages. 

Scamadviser gives you control on how you want to evaluate a website depending on which factors are most important for you.

Scamadviser Alert Service

With 2 million websites added every month, Scamadviser provides brands, brand protection agencies, law enforcement bureaus, and consumer interest institutions with daily, weekly and ad hoc reports on new websites. 

A few examples:

  • Which new webshops have been set-up are using my brand name this week with a Trust Score lower than 75?
  • Which new websites are targeted towards Dutch consumers from Country XYZ in the last month.

Our alert can be customized based on your needs. Feel free to contact us if you have commercial or technical questions about our business to business services.

Scamadviser Data Feed

For anti-virus vendors, cybersecurity companies and threat and malware detection agencies we offer access to the Scamadviser Data Feed:

  • Every day a new file is added on an Amazon S3 location; 
  • Every 5 minutes a update file in generated with the most recent changes;
  • These are aggregated every hour to an hour file and every 24 hours to a daily file;
  • Each file contains new and updated websites scanned in the last 24 hours and includes an MD5sum;
  • The information included contains among others:
    • The domain name
    • The trust score (0 - 100)
    • The overall conclusion (e.g. "This website seems legit" or "This website has been reported for IP infringements". 
    • The reasons why a certain trust score was given
  • The file format is JSON (an example is available, please contact us).
  • A history of 30 days is kept.

Data older than 30 days may be stored locally and can be updated individually or via batch using the Scamadviser API service.