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I paid the scammer using Bank Transfer / Wire

If you were the victim of a fraud and you paid via direct wire or bank transfer, your bank might be able to help you get your money back.​

  • The first step is to gather all the evidence you possess in relation to the scam including chats, emails, messages and any kind of interaction you had with the scammer. Make sure to send these pieces to your bank as soon as possible explaining the whole situation. If it is early enough, the bank might even be able to stop the transaction from going ahead.​
  • Next step consists in contacting the bank where your money was sent. By giving them the account number you have doubts on, they might be able to halt the money and lead it back to you.​
  • Make a formal complaint to your bank (template hereby based on UK law but it can be reused for other countries as well)​

[Your address]​

Dear Sir/Madam​

Reference: [Insert account number and any previous complaint reference numbers if applicable.]​

On [enter date] I contacted you after being targeted by fraudsters who stole [enter amount] from my account.​

[Explain here what happened - include if you can:​

Chronological order of what happened, eg you got a text from your bank warning you about an unknown transaction​
The exact wording of any texts sent to you​
The bank account number your money was sent to​
When you contacted your bank and what you were told]​
I did not authorise these transactions as I did not know I was talking to a fraudster. The money was taken without my knowledge or consent.​

I, therefore, expect you to deal with my complaint according to the Financial Conduct rules on unauthorised transactions, which state that unless you can prove I acted with gross negligence, you should reimburse me for this unauthorised transfer.​

The Financial Ombudsman Service says: ‘the increasing sophistication of scams means that the bar for gross negligence is high – it’s more than just a test of whether someone was careless.’​

In the last quarter of 2018, the majority of its rulings have been in favour of scam victims, including in cases similar to mine, as banks couldn’t prove the customer was grossly negligent.​

In light of this, I urge you to reimburse me for my losses of [amount you lost here] and provide your confirmation that this has been done.​

If you do not uphold my complaint, I request you send me your final response so I can refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service.​

Yours sincerely,​

[Your name]​

However, even after asking your bank for a refund, we cannot guarantee that you will get a refund as the right to chargeback does not apply to wire transfers.​

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Thank you for report a misuse case.
Mere sath shop and sales walon ne dhokha Kiya hai mere ko 16 October ko san 2019 ka call aaya tha main ek product order kiya tha do common do jackets
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