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How to Recognise a Scam?

Common Sense: Too good to be true When looking for goods online, a great deal is an obvious reason to pick an online shop. A Gucci bag for
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I've been scammed... What now?

1. Take a breath and relax! Do not act directly. The first step should be to try and calm down! It can seem like everything has to be fixed as soon
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How and Where to Report a Scam?

Knowing you have been scammed is always difficult… but we have a HUGE list at the bottom of the page to report the scammer to the proper
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Scamadviser's Mission

Is this site or online store a scam or safe? Are the reviews real or fake? That is the question Scamadviser tries to answer for 2.5 million visitors every month. Scamadviser uses an algorithm to determine if the website is legit with real reviews or a phishing website, selling fake products. Our goal: help consumers make the right choices online. 

Scamadviser's algorithm is not perfect.We need your reviews and feedback to continously better identify safe and fake sites. Please add a short review or leave an extensive scam report. Need tips on how to identify scams or what to do after being scammed? Check our blog

Scam Reports - SCAM

they do not pay the payment
Read more is a BTC Scammer

I was introduced to Zilla of on Instagram with the option of credible investment to earn a profit. Unfortunately, I was denied my
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Good communication at first, then they gave me a tracking number that never worked.It would say "not allowed to track item" and it has so far been
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