About Scamadviser

Scamadviser helps over 2.5 million consumers every month to discover if a website is legitimate or a scam. 

The website was founded in 2012 by Marc. Marc had bought golf clubs online and quickly discovered they were fake. He tried to get his money back to no avail. Out of frustration he started Scamadviser to help online shoppers make well-informed decisions before buying online. 

Scamadviser helps consumers making their online shopping decisions by rating websites with the Scamadviser Trust Score. The algorithm of Scamadviser utilizes 40 independent data sources. From the IP address of the websserver, the availability of contact details on the website, the age of the URL, ratings on review sites and much much more.

The Scamadviser formula is constantly evolving and is continuously being improved. If you feel a website Trust Score is not correct, please feel free to contact us
Scamadviser is since 2018 part of the Ecommerce Foundation, an independent organization working with NGO’s, ecommerce associations worldwide and other ecommerce institutions with as mission to foster global digital trade.

Apart from Scamadviser, the Ecommerce Foundation publishes 20+ free ecommerce reports annually about how to sell online in 50+ countries. It is the host of EcommerceWiki.org, an online community for 30.000 Ecommerce Professionals and the initiator of Safe.Shop, the Global Ecommerce Trustmark.

What a website!

Scamadviser is A M A Z I N G. I just came across it and it is brilliant. I wanted to know if a site was real or not and I found around 60%! My friend recommended it to me and I don't trust it, nor would I want ANYONE to go to it. This website and scamadviser are my go-to websites for checking for scam websites!

Definitely works for me!

Whilst recently trying to purchase a cheap android phone online, I used this site about 8 times. 6 of those look ups resulted in me not buying from the site. Not because of the location (some where in Indonesia , thailand) - but because of the comments left by users about slow delivery and inability to raise RMAs for broken handsets. This site does exactly what the name suggests. I can see why some business owners don't like it. they can't hide behind the website pretending to be in the US when they are running the show from thailand. I think it saved me from not just a couple of scams but from companies with bad customer service.
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