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These guys are SCAM! Just have this chat with them:

Me: Hello, I've just made a payment but don't no how to procede. My address I've send the ETH from is 0x01762230f8e26c5728fa03f73924b319bf5a0a01 Can you help me out?

Cryptoleaks.trade: How much did you pay?
Me: 0.12503600 ETH
Me: I have not provide an mailaddress earlier...

Cryptoleaks.trade:Then you will need to pay again and put your valid email address, let me send you the ether address you should send to
Cryptoleaks.trade: payment details ETH 0xF63a7FD72802cd8Ae05966F4a86b7E4AF2333bf7

Me:Okay, but will I'll be charged twice then?
Cryptoleaks.trade:No just pay again
Cryptoleaks.trade:To this address
Cryptoleaks.trade:Provided above

Me: Okay, but what about the already-made-payment? #sry4asking
Cryptoleaks.trade: Should proceed in refunding as it got no email address attached

Me: Ok, and how do I attach my email?
Cryptoleaks.trade: In payment note

Me: I would like if you could send the money first back to: 0x01762230f8e26c5728fa03f73924b319bf5a0a01 then I will make the payment again.
Me: Bit affraid by news like this: https://medium.com/@open4pr...

Cryptoleaks.trade: Please prove otherwise... thank you!
Cryptoleaks.trade: Its automatic system for payment and refunding
Cryptoleaks.trade: Plus feel free to use our services or not

Me: You are not automatic! I'm willing to use your services but also need some manual-service from you now.

Cryptoleaks.trade: I am not from Technical support and i already told you what you have to proceed with, else i can’t help you.
Have a good day

Me: Don't make me post this chat all over the Internet just send back my payment please or ask your Technical Support todo so. The Netherlands is a big market for you guys and you don't want a bad name all over the Internet right?

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