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Email scams: Same Surname? Get ready to be a millionaire... [Hong Kong Edition]

This scam comes straight from one of our own at Scamadviser who received this via LinkedIn. Grab a bag of popcorn because this scammer had quite a story...

Name/Email address: Chien Pui <chipui80@hotmail.com>

Subject line: Business Proposal

"Dear Friend,

Thank you for confirmation.. I want you to read carefully.  I am the
credit account officer in Sino pac bank here in Hong Kong. We
discovered an abandoned sum of $17.3 million in an account that
belongs to one of our foreign customer who died along side with his
entire family, and ever Since his death none of his next of kin or
relations has come forward to lay claim for this money as his heir.
After these several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to track his last
name over the Internet, to locate any one who has the same last-name
as the deceased hence I contacted you. I want you to stand as the next
of kin so we can claim the money.

As you may know, Next of Kinship is not limited to relation of the
deceased, nor it is confided to the circuit of parental relationship,
rather it is by choice of the benefactor as regards to whom heshe
wishes to make his WILL to (Beneficiary) either formally by write up,
Or informally by secret disclosure to beneficiary be HimHer business
partner, relation, kinsmen, friends or well wishers whereas the
deceased did not mention anybody as the next of Kin as in this case.

I shall be expecting your email so I can give you further information.
If we work seriously, this transaction will be completed within the
next 8-10 days.

Best Regards,

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