Scam Stories

Everybody has at one time or another fallen for a scam. For example, you may have fell for a hoax, gave your credit card to a phishing website or bought a product online which proved to be a fake. Scamadviser collects examples of fraud to let consumers (and businesses) share their experiences so that others can learn from it. Your scam reports are also used by policy and consumer protection agencies to catch crooks and spammers. - Enviou óculos de sol ao invés de sapatos de marca

Comprei uns Sapatos Camper Beetle e enviaram uns óculos de sol falsificados do mais porcaria que há, depois dizem que foi engano e
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I ordered sneakers from this website and initially the payment was 108 aud dollars but then it was increased to 118, after purchasing (assumedly they
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Scan VIA WhatsApp. It says give out free Adidas shoes.
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Scammer details : -Website adress : https://www.metyshoes.comFake address stated on website : Third Floor207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH, UKOrigin
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Bought 4 Adidas T Shirts as it had designs I wanted but no longer available at Adidas retail stores. Received a tracking number about 10 days after I
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