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Online Scam Awareness Training

Friend Against Scams offers an online training to help you identify the different types of scams, how you can spot that a friend or family member may be a victim and how you can report a scam.

The online course has the following modules:

  • Chapter 1:   Why is learning about scams important?
  • Chapter 2:   Types of Scams
  • Chapter 3:   How to spot a victim...
  • Chapter 4:   Anyone can be a scam victim...
  • Chapter 5:   Spot the signs
  • Chapter 6:   Top Tips - what can you do to protect yourself and/or others?
  • Chapter 7:   Reporting a Scam
  • Chapter 8:   Congratulations - You are now a Friend Against Scams
  • Chapter 9:   If you would like to do more...

The course is provided in English only.

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