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Mobilewinninguser.club: Firefox loyalty IPhone survey scam

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Whilst I was browsing the web, a tab opened by itself.

The tab title tag was 'Firefox | ' even though the site has no noticeable link to mozilla or firefox.
There was a Firefox logo at top left of screen.
Just below that was some text.

Started with 'Dear Firefox User. CONGRATULATIONS!'

There was a supposed 10 IPhone XS giveout to random loyal firefox users (unspecified time period), '2 still remaining today' (red 2 with a yellow background that has visibility cycle between 0 and 1)
Un-'Luckily' for me my 'IP has been randomly selected' out of all the firefox users (no specific values again)
And I can have the Free IPhone provided I complete a quick user survey to help improve 'your user experience'.
Starting with how often do you check the internet on your phone.
'Daily', 'Once a week' or 'Once a month' (insufficient options)
The holes in the answers ticked off that something is wrong.
So i checked the URL 'https://mobilewinninguser.club/' followed by a bunch of variables containing personal information such as my location and general scam stuff like the 'prize'.

I put into my search engine 'Is mobilewinninguser.club a scam?' and eventually found a question about a completely different site on Mozilla Support Forum.
'The fake prizes have been for Samsung S8 or S9, a $1000 gift card from say Amazon or a iPhone X.' - ie. iPhone giveout is a scam
'I have seen Mozilla do say gifts for some certain things in past but they were say for a t-shirt or such. Say to the third-party Add-ons developers that meet certain criteria.' - ie. typical gift is T-Shirt for 'third-party Add-ons developers that meet certain criteria.' not iPhone for lucky user.
https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1249883 - Source of Support.

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