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Taviawong.com Tavia Wong high ticket program

Was linked up to have a 45 minutes call with Tavia Wong to see how I can benefit from her coaching services. Was made to put a deposit of $9000 to secure a spot. She did not give you days to think through it and she definitely makes you feel that you need the service. After which she tell you if you can’t raise the remaining money there is no refund. She gets to keep my money. There was no official receipt from her too. She doesnt do refunds because she is worried I m recruited by the competitor to steal her teaching materials. I have not even attended any single coaching session, how to steal her teaching materials? I ask to drop out of the session due to the financial issues after 2 days from singing up. Even told her I m fine to absorb any admin fees for the payment transaction. And guess what? She maintains her no refund stance, used all means to tell me to raise the remaining fees and when I insisted on the refund, there is No more reply from her. She gets to keep my deposit for doing nothing. Avoid Signing up with her if you don’t want to get cheated. Do not believe when she tell you you are just in time to fill up the last spot she has opened up. Apparently it’s a MO.
There are many mentors who offer coaching programs online, choose yours wisely.

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