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Possibly offers illegal movies, music, software or other media

There are many great online streaming services like well-known Netflix or Hulu, thus people are using this trend to make money without offering legitimate services. When you want to watch a show for free or if it is not available in your country, you may be tempting to look for other sources. We identify three types of illegal media services.

Illegal media services:

  • Torrents: You download a file that you have no idea what it might contain. Many of the torrent files include malware or ransomware. Moreover, in some countries it is completely illegal, and you can get a huge fine by downloading copyrighted material. US court ruled that it is okay to fine for $ 222.000 for copyright infringement. In Germany the sum is lower, however it is a considerable amount - €1.500 per single file
  • Free streaming services: These websites might even let you stream movies or series; however, they might contain viruses that in a long term is very dangerous.
  • Shady subscription services: There are websites offering incredible deals, some even let you stream games, and get all the digital books. The price can range from few dollars to 50 per month however, once you put your credit card details, they will keep invoicing you until you block your credit card.

How to spot websites which illegally provide movies, music, games and other media

  • Website is new: Shady streaming services are often taken down quickly. The scammer then creates a new site with a similar name, layout and description. You can easily check how old the domain is on Scamadviser.com
  • Library: Website offers an incredible number of services. Quotes like: “every single movie is here” or “all movies and series you ever wanted in one place”. Stay cautious if they offer video game streaming, because it is completely false, only 2 companies (XXX and XXX) are currently able to achieve it and the price is accordingly high.
  • Address: Be extra cautious if the website`s address is in China, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Belarus since it is less regulated for copyright infringement
  • Newest movies: If a movie is still showing in cinema but a website already advertises it, then it is probably a scam. There is usually a gap between cinema and official streaming platforms showing it.
  • Multiple links: If you stumbled upon a site where you press a link and leads nowhere, we recommend getting out of there because it is definitely not a legit site.
  • About us: If a website has no description about its services or it is copied from other fake ones, we recommend skipping it
  • Check domain name: If the domain name matches the name of the website.
  • Browser: If your browser starts sending signals its not safe, it probably is not safe
  • FREE: Many websites earn money through ads; thus, they emphasize on phrases like free


At Scamadviser.com we recommend taking time and selecting reliable streaming provider. Below you can find a list of legit streaming providers. If you miss one, please contact us.

  • Consumerreports.org is a nonprofit organization, that works for consumers. They prepared a list for people who want more than Netflix
  • Tech 21 century is a hobby-based blog about technology. Harris Andrea talked about multiple streaming services
  • ProMusic.org offers a completely legitimate music download for selected songs


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