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What are Online Gaming Scams?

Just like Scamadviser, you love Roblox, Fortnite, Call of Duty and FIFA. You want to get ahead and get free FIFA coins, Fortnite Skins, that new gun for Call of Duty of Robux for Roblox. Likewise, you may be looking for exploits and cheats to win games. That is what scammers also know and they will do anything to trick you. 

One in three gamers have experienced fraud while playing online games. Game scams can range from making unfair exchanging to stealing somebody's game account or money. 

How to recognize Online Gaming Scams?

While scammers try to convince you otherwise, there are no free rides:

  • You cannot get stuff for free: You cannot buy V-Bucks or Robux anywhere online safely apart from within the game. The same applies to other games. Why would the developer of the game allow it? They make money by you buying skins, items, and coins inside the game. Why would they allow another company to make money as well?
  • Trading items outside the game is not safe: If you exchange items in the game, the game developer can check it and make sure the trade is done fairly. Outside the game, the game master has no control and no information on who traded what with whom. If there is any issue, the game cannot check it. 
  • There are no free accounts: If the game charges money to play the game, any access passes or "free entrance accounts" are fake. 

All generators, cheat tools and "Get free coins" sites are scams! The videos you see on Youtube and the screenshots you can find online are fake. People claiming to be the administrator of a game never ask for your account name and password as they already know it! 

Why do criminals scam you?

It is simple, they try to trick you to get:

  • Access to your account, to either sell it to somebody else or sell the stuff you have earned.
  • Access to payment details: they will try to get your credit card, bank or Paypal details so they can order online using your money.
  • Install malware: if you have to download a tool you can be sure it contains software which copy your login names and passwords or block your PC till you pay a ransom. 

How to get and exchange skins, coins safely?

Simple, stay in the game. Yes, you have to pay real money and the exchange rates may not be as good as outside the game, but you know for sure you are not scammed. 

I have been Scammed, What should I do?

First of all, do not be ashamed. It happens to thousands of people every day. Speed is however important. Do not give the scammer time to misuse the information you gave him:

  • Change your passwords: Change all the passwords you gave him as quickly as possible.
  • Contact the game: If you can no longer log in to your account, contact the game and describe what happened into as much detail as possible (which website did you visit, the emails you got, everything).
  • Contact your credit card company/Paypal: If you have paid the scammer using any payment method, contact your bank/credit card company/Paypal and discuss with them which actions you should take. 
  • Tell your parents (if applicable): We know, it sucks, but parents can help you and it is better to tell them instead of them finding it out themselves. Grown-ups are also scammed every day.

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