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Counterfeit Passports, Driving Licenses and IDs

Buying passports, driving licenses and IDs online is Illegal

There are websites stating they are selling counterfeit legal documents such as passports, driving licenses, green cards IDs and other government documents. Usually they state upfront that it is a counterfeit, but they never mention that it is illegal, and you may go to jail when caught. A possession of fake legal documents such as passports are taken very seriously by police enforcement, especially in US where having a counterfeit ID without a legitimate reason will land in jail for up to 10 years (it differs per country).

Online bought documents are never real

You may find on their website that these passports are legit and you can travel with them, but This is not true. Legal documents may only be issued by governments. You may apply for them online in some countries (but only at government, state, county or municipality website).

These documents will never represent the original documents, because all legal papers are recorded in the system and can be checked. 21st century technology outweighs the “legitimate looking” documents.

Do not cooperate with organized crime

Counterfeit, “fake” or stolen documents are usually connected to criminal organizations. This way you not only fund criminal activities, you may also endanger yourself.

There are cases where a person has ordered a fake document online site, and next gets extorted for ordering it from the same organization.

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