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Recognizing Online Gambling & Betting Scams

Online gambling is a virtual casino and sports betting platform. Some websites offer a specific kind of gambling or betting such as poker, baccarat, slot machines, roulette, keno and many more. Other websites focus on betting for a particular sport like football, basketball, soccer, tennis, boxing, golf, rugby or e-sports. Other sites offer a full casino experience and betting for many different sports. 

Online gambling laws differ per country

A fundamental note is that not all these websites are regulated the same way. Gambling online is perceived differently all over the world:

  1. Online gambling is entirely legal in a specific country (or there are no laws at all).
  2. Online gambling is completely illegal in a specific country.

Based on these criteria, you can take a more in-depth look at specific online gambling sites. Examples: 

  • If a gambling site is based in the UK where gambling is completely legal, and they have a license to practice the business, it will more likely be a legit site
  • If a gambling site is based in Curacao or another less regulated country where a permit is cheaper, be aware that it is a higher chance they will not pay you back. This happens due to a lack of supervision and communication between the license issuers. 
  • If a gambling site states being based in the US, where online gambling is illegal. There are many sites for the US market based offshore, but we recommend being careful with those stating they are based in the US. This is either a lie or a more dangerous, unregulated and unlicensed gambling site. 

Additionally, make sure the online gambling site is not based in Costa Rica as this country does not issue any kind of license.

Thus, we highly recommend looking up the information about an online gambling site and check where they from, as well as their license issuer, and of course, reviews online.

How to check if an online gambling site is legit or a scam?

First of all, a general remark. Gambling and betting sites are meant for entertainment purpose, not to win a considerable amount of money. In the end, most people lose money with online gambling and betting websites. As the saying goes: “The house always wins”. The purpose is to determine whether a gambling and betting site is a scam or not. 

A checklist to determine if an online gambling site is a scam:

  • Slow pays: consistently takes a long time to pay back winnings
  • No pays: This is the biggest red flag which means to avoid any more buy-ins
  • Changing terms: Usually, online casinos provide a bonus, but you are required to play a certain number of games to cash out. Sometimes the terms are changed which means it is a shady business plan
  • Great offers: Some legit casinos offer great offers with a vague caveat, but if the casino offers 400% match up to $5.000 or $10.000.
  • No funds: if casino asked you to wait due to limited funds, we recommend not to continue with the casino
  • Locking or Banning accounts: When a casino bans an account, it means they argued with the customer, which sometimes means they were reluctant to pay back winnings.

How to check if an online betting site is legit or a scam?

A few checks you can do to determine if the football, basketball, soccer, tennis, boxing, golf, rugby or e-sports or other sport betting websites are legit or a fraud:

  • Sky-rocketing bonuses: if an online betting site offers an incredible “too good to be true” bonus, be very careful because you may never cash-out these bonuses
  • Aggressive marketing: Legit betting websites usually have a predictable and moderate marketing campaign. Still, shady sites try to get you involved as soon as possible, offering great deals especially for you.
  • Offering shady software to boost your winnings: you may receive calls or internet promotions to buy a software that can “predict” games by looking at other betting sites rates, which you can do all by yourself.

How to gamble and bet online legit?

If you want to be sure you are gambling or betting at a website which is legit and certified, we recommend you check the government website of your country. In several countries, online gambling and betting websites may only operate if the government certifies them. The governments keep a list online of these companies. 

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Be careful with Gambling and Betting review sites

There may still be a scam online gambling sites that are profiting from customers. Still, there are counterpart websites that list any ill-behaved online casino and blacklist them to help new or existing customers to avoid them. Make sure you do not entirely rely on these websites because they are for-profit companies that usually have deals with online casinos. However, you can still run through several blacklist websites such as casino.org and gamblingsites.org.

Lastly, but not leastly we recommend scanning a site on Scamadviser.com to see additional details such as: how old the site is, whether they share data publicly and if it matches where they are based.

Want to know more about responsible gambling

If you like to know more about responsible gambling or help you with possible gambling and betting problems we recommend you to visit the following websites

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