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adrianbuzan.com - ADRIAN BUZAN Scam Warning Regel Ruleti

Adrian Buzan is a dangerous scammer from Romania who stabbed and put one customer in hospital because he ask for refund. The proof is on romania news website

Some of his website and names are

Regel Ruleti

He has 3 or more channels in youtube. Some already closed because of complaints but he just upload videos to new account

It is a roulette system gambling scam that the scammer say you win 100% of time and never lose. It is of course scam but it is very convincing because he show big piles of cash but now we know how easy it is to buy cash piles from movie prop websites

He also show many photos that look like he pay a professional photographing company to make him look rich. Now we know he live in poor accommodation apartments in slum area of Romania but you dont know that from internet until you look at street

One way he scam you is with his many websites and youtube videos lying telling everyone he knows secrets of roulette and knows big gamblers. Is all a lie.

He has a few system to sell with cheap one ROULETTE SYLLABUS whcih is video and pdf file instruction and software. None of it is his creation. He pirated it from someone else to scam people. You know this because software on forums for gambling and it not even ADRIAN BUZAN voice in the video!

His most expensive part of scam is €5000 called ANATOMY OF ROULETTE DVD. This is also pirated copy he did not make or own. It is called GUTtracker and is from from vlsroulette roulette forum. He tries to hide this in his scam selling video so people dont know the software is free and not €5000 but you dont see the real name of software until you pay him and get scammed

One trick he use is to get access to your online casino account with your money and he play for you. It sound good but if you lose then you lose all your money and he never pay you back. If he win then then he keep big part of profit and then you fall for scam and pay him money for his ANATOMY OF ROULETTE DVD that is the expensive part of scam

This is serious scam. Very dangerous person who already try to kill a customer. If you are victim of this scam you must go to police in romania and also your local police who talk to romania police.

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To find the news stroy about ADRIAN BUZAN SCAM you must Google -- Dramă ”regală”: Gabriel Vizitiu, „Regele reciclabilelor” înjunghiat cu
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