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BinaryTrade360.com: Forex fraud in the name of autotrading

BinaryTrade360.com is a Fraud website in the name of auto-trading forex.

The website is being run by the people who are totally fraud and systematically trapping the innocent traders in the name of automated trading by their own software worldwide.Their trappers contact people through Whatsapp and Facebook messengers and give assurance for huge profit and demand for deposit minimum 100$. I also-allured by a man named **** **** who called himself from Sri- lanka but settled in USA called himself as executive of this forged company.

He succeeded to convince me to deposit 100$ in his firm and within a week my money rose to 17 times which struck me that there maybe something going to wrong but no problem when i asked my withdrawal to process, these people started showing their true color and asked for 20% advance deposit of what my earnings are shown in my account which was never disclosed or told me before getting initial deposits from me so i refused and requested to pay my balance amount after deducting their 20% calling as brokerage. But this fraud man not agreed to and neither till today refunded my deposits even

So guys please be alert and don't ever caught into trap of this scam. These people in the terms and conditions nowhere highlighted or mentioned this 20% advance deposit clause before withdrawal and continue to cheat peoples without any legal authority now this so called company not responding of any of my message or request ..thanks

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