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I had been looking to rent a car for 7 days. I found a few but the Budget Rent A Car website had some discounts making it the least expensive. They offer a discount if you pre-pay your rental. So I pre-paid $220+ for a rental car from the Budget Rent A Car at ******* in Port Charlotte FL. ******. I Paid with a Credit Card as they have rules on using debit cards which are a pain, such as bring a utility bill and a $200 deposit. I paid Lyft $19+ for a ride to the rental place and went to the counter to pick up the vehicle. The lady there said i needed a deposit on the vehicle. I showed her the receipt and the rental policy/contract which states a deposit is needed with a debit card not a credit card. My card didn't have enough room on it for the deposit, I was going to call my husband for his and she said I couldn't use his, had to be in my name. I then said i would pay the deposit with the debit card, since she is following that policy anyway, i could have someone run a utility bill to me. As soon as I was willing to do that she added "well ....we need a credit check too". A WHAT? A CREDIT CHECK, I have already paid for the rental, and i have insurance! What in the heck would you need a credit score for? Now, after all this, i called the Budget customer service they too confirmed that there is NO CREDIT CHECKS mentioned anywhere in their policies! Along with NO DEPOSIT with a credit card! But even with that verified by customer service there still is "nothing anyone can do". They all said i will get my refund but who is overriding that to give me the refund? Is it really coming? Doubtful, I am sure "there is nothing they can do" . If there was i wouldn't have paid for 2 Lyft rides, and a $220 rental that i did not get.
Now checking my Credit score? What is the cut off? 600?,650?,700? Could it be 750? Actually its whatever they make up at the time. You may wonder "why would they do this"? Well these are all ways to deny a prepaid rental. BECAUSE I pre-paid (lured in with the prepay discount); if its canceled after the pickup time, which this took over an hour, they keep the rental money and you get to pay your 2nd Lyft ride home!
On the phone with customer service, after i tell them what happened, she offers a refund of the rental - less $150. I told her that would in NO WAY work, she then said the full amount but could not offer a confirmation. Likely to not have to deal with it, however i would doubt a company as crooked as this is going to give a refund when they didn't even provide a rental car that was paid for. DON'T FALL FOR THEIR SCAM....there was nothing i could do to actually get them to follow through with the rental, i would comply, they would add another ridiculous hoop to jump thru. Go to enterprise, or any other company that does honest business.I have found numerous posts about Budget stealing rental money, I just didn't look prior to paying.
The good part of it all is we WERE going to rent their 26 ft. moving truck w/ a car hauler ($1100) in about a week for moving, they would have stolen 4 times as much with that! Now the rental will go to Penske whom i know does not create insane blockades that aren't policy,, or steal money from customers,
All other rental car places state what you'll need at pickup right on the receipt, Enterprise states it right under the "balance due" that you need $150 or a credit card when picking up. Avis the same. Stick with the transparent, honest rentals and DONT pre-pay. I have a pic of the receipt with the information on rental policies attached, check it out!

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