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SCAM ALERT: Please share this scammer from Philppine who sales dry seahorse, he is a fake supplier and cheat people who want to buy dry seahorse or fish maw, sea dragon...etc.from them. he has cheated with a chinese partner who named *****, they will let you send money to this person, I was cheated by them yesterday for buy dry seahorse, they had nothing for you, when you paid, they would let you pay more transport fees with which you had confirmed with them that the price is including transport fees. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS FAKE AND SCAM SUPPLIER, His phone number is: whatsapp: *************/ *********, WITH Wechat ID: *************. I have all communications messages with him. and I here now attached it for ALERT peoples who want do business with them. BE VERY CAREFUL, IF YOU WANT TO BUY PRODUCTS LIKE DRY SEAHORSE, FISH MAW, SEA DRAGON...ETC... YOU HAVE TO GO TO THEIR WAREHOUSE TO LOOK IT WELL, DO NOT BELIEVE WHO LET YOU SEND MONEY BEFORE YOU RECEIVED THE PRODUCTS. PLEASE EXTEND THE ALERT TEXT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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