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Marketing Strategies LTD www.marketingstrategiesltd.com, this company of Indian origin is a fake company, your business is the clients scam, its owner, **** or **** is the master of the customer scam, he is a professional scammer.

I bought a customized database from that company, they told me that in one or two weeks they would give me the database, the time arrived and they did not deliver it. They told me that there was a natural disaster in the city, floods, that affected the company's servers.

They told me to wait for the databases one or two weeks, because they should rescue and repair the server. The time arrived and they told me that the databases could not be rescued. They told me they would return the money I paid but nothing was returned. I paid US $ 100 for the database to Marketing Strategies LTD on 09/22/2018 and I have waited for that money until today, it has been more than four months. For a long time that company has not responded to my email or website chat messages.

One important thing is that every time that company responded, it was ***, **, the executive chat, but they are all the same person, the owner *** or ****, the best scammer in India.
Therefore, read this message and never contact this company, Marketing Strategies LTD www.marketingstrategiesltd.com
Name: ****or ****
Address: ****, ****
City: ****
State: ****
Country: India
********@marketingstrategiesltd.com ********@gmail.com

Best regards.

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