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Check Full Report of cararacostarica.com

*** ******** and ******* ***** (****) are great scammers, who keeps targeting the innocent senior citizens from around the globe, especially Canada and the USA. Just lost $10000 for a bogus investment offer on a virtual project called Carara Parque Ocean View Resort Community Costa Rica.
The crook, ******* ***** (****), who is a mastermind, is offering a so called "December special", “10% ownership just for $27000” and many others to lure in people into making a quick decision about the bogus investment.
The reality is bad- you buy just nice pictures and videos of the Costa Rica’s landscape.
Recently, I visited Costa Rica on a business trip and during some free days I had a chance to go and visit the site of this supposed 500 acre development. I was in the company of two real developers from the Southern Pacific zone and their attorney and we were able to verify that the Carara Parque Ocean View Resort Community (Known as Monte Cielo) project is nothing but a hoax. The land is actually in some kind of dispute between a national and a long time expatriate from the USA with $$$MIL mortgages on those properties.
******* ***** (****), is again using technical resources such as various videos, copied photos from various internet sources and hired a new web developer company "homestead", new project name, new FREE Skype accounts and month to month phone contact numbers.
Once again…I strongly advise for everyone looking into making any investment in a foreign country and especially in Costa Rica, to do a descent due diligence and investigation about the person or company that you may want to work with. These scammers are experts in this business and have been doing it for many years and they count on the inefficiency of the local authorities when it comes to these type of crimes.

During my investigation, I have found that this man has started and conducted several SCAMS with similar tactics and business names. Some of them are: Investincostarica2009 - Montanasdelpacifico – Sanctuar inpuriscal – Sanctuary in costarica - Costaricarealestateteam - Sanctuaryosa, most or all now defunct web sites, and the new: Montecielocostarica (name copied from a brand of coffee in Costa Rica, not very creative! ) - Sanctuaryosa – Blue zone group - Quintas del Campo (photos copied from a real development in the Southwest mountains) - Live Green CR – Blue zone realty.
Please, do yourself a favor and investigate these businesses before putting any money up-front due to it.
Do Not open your valet until a reliable/reputable Costa Rican Real Estate lawyer gives you a “green ” light. Which is never happen.
If worst happened - report this scammer ******* ***** (****) to Costa Rican and your domestic police departments, chambers of commerce and business development for further investigations.

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