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I paid $199 for the Chapter 7 Bk Ultimate Full-Service and received just about nothing in return. I did get the documents that they say is 100% guaranteed money back if there are technical issues but I received NOTHING back in regards to my money being returned and only one response to my request for a refund in which they said it was my data input that was the issue. Which it was NOT and I ask them to look at the documents to see for themselves that it wasn't my data. The documents that I got back had numerous errors and some of them would have more than likely gotten my case dismissed or thrown out. One example is one of the questions asked what set of exemptions was I going to use and there was no check mark on either answer and so many more issues like that one, I could not nor did I want to use the documents that they gave back to me that I paid $199 for and there is no contact information or customer service phone number, NOTHING AND NO WAY TO CONTACT THEM. I requested a refund due to the all the errors and since they say they do not do anything with the data themselves that it is a program (software program) that they are not responsible for any errors. These errors were not my data input, it was no check marks were they should be and on some of the forms they added (check marked) a joint person filing with me and many more errors that should not have been present especially not for the $199 I paid for the deluxe full service option. I should have investigated a bit more but it looked legit to me but the simple fact there is no way to reach out to these people should have been enough for me not to give them my money but I did and of course I am now 100% disappointed, frustrated, extremely angry and out $199 that got taken for nothing in return or should I say nothing that was usable in return. I am extremely upset and feel totally ripped off and not a darn thing I can do about it. I hope that maybe this will help someone else that may be considering this web site for help not to do it no matter how good it sounds or looks, it is a TOTAL SCAM. I just looked at my bank receipt/payment and it shows that on 2/26/19 a payment for $199 went to **** and in the Memo: Debit: Signature purchase from ****. I doubt those numbers mean anything to you but just incase they do there they are.

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