Online Shopping Scams Fake Shopping Sites

Fraudulent Shopping Sites (all related to each other either by same owner in Russia or several owners in different countries - each has the same fake web site in all details with the except of the domain name/website address, the customer service phone # and the company mailing address). *The sites are all accused of taking purchase orders, completing the billing but failing to ever make delivery of the goods, false credit card charges after using that site, potential id theft.*
(Alternate Business Name)
Top Offers Bids
Buy Deals Mall
Top Trade Store
Daily Saves. Goodmart LLC (the shopping sites fake trucking company) ?? (not positive about this one site)

**Many of the sites are using to hid the true owner of the domain/website. One site after it was dropped by the domain admin was determined to be an individual in Russia (most likely government sponsored) and now also China.

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