Online Shopping Scams 'dual personality' website

I ordered 5 items in when I saw their advertisement in the Instagram, in January 2018. The items were never shipped until I asked the customer service. They keep giving me tracking number that is invalid.
On the 3rd week of March, finally 1 item has arrived. But the quality was so much different than the pictures.
Since February, I have asked for a refund, but they keep answering with those ridiculous answer like:
1. Items are ready to be shipped, so can’t refund. But in the end gave me invalid tracking number again
2. I have to close the dispute in paypal first (which I don’t even have account in paypal)
3. I have to cancell the claim in the bank (which I don’t claim anythinf to the bank)
4. My account is frozen, etc

Now if you open, they have changed their name to deluxejoy.

They stated that their address is in US, but the shipment was from China, the CS are all chinese.

I just learned that so many people have been their victims. Before wakasia, they used other names too. Please help to stop this scam

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