Online Shopping Scams Never got refunded

I ordered a watch from When I received my watch it turned out it was broken, the minute hand had fallen off. I contacted Helgray to return the product, and asked for a refund. Only after 6 months they replied do my (many) emails, and sent me an authorisation to return the defect product. I shipped the product back to Quebec, I got confirmation from the track & trace that they have received the parcel, and since then I haven't heard anything from them. It's more than a year ago now. I kept sending them emails, and messages on Facebook, but they simply ignore these emails and blocked me on Facebook.

A quick search on the internet show that I am not the only one who is still waiting for a refund. There are quite a few other reviews that describe similar experiences.

So, the scam in my view is quite simple, they send you a cheap watch (it was certainly not worth $200) that is broken. They let you send it back – so they can sell it to someone else – never respond to your email and keep your money.

I have searched for a phone number, a business address, but all I have is an email address and a PO Box (that isn't even public).

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