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True Religion (Stacey Clarke) (27/02/19)

I tried to order a Belstaff Mens Classic Tourist Trophy 4-Pocket Motorcycle Jacket XL for £108.42, as it clearly showed on your homepage that you accepted Visacard as payment. However when I went to pay for the product it no longer offered the Visa option. I therefore asked a friend Mr *** to order the item on my behalf he paid via his MasterCard, which was duly accepted by Stacey Clarke.
However, when my friend checked their bank transactions, they noticed that there had been a further charge of £7.00 for a Chinese exchange rate charge, which we found incredulous, as at no time does the website instruct their clients that the goods will be coming from China. To make matters worse, there was absolutely no email correspondence from Stacey Clarke confirming the order and when my friend tried to log back into the Stacey Clarke website to track the order he was unable to do so.
The company then has the audacity to send a T shirt that is probably not worth more than £10, at a cost of $25 postage, instead of the Belstaff Jacket that was actually ordered.
I find the behaviour of the company Stacey Clarke fraudulent and will have absolutely no qualms in posting this message on social media.
My friend has also contacted MasterCard to put a stop on the payment, which they will be dealing with accordingly, I will be asking him to send MasterCard all your company details, together with the T Shirt that they sent, to ensure that they withdraw their facilities from the site, so Stacey Clarke are unable to trade in this way anymore.
The actual address of is:
Linyupeng, DPH Trading Co. Ltd, Road No. 222 Longqiao, PuTianShi, Fujian, 351200


Scamadviser Edit: The original message has been edited to reflect this message is regarding Stacey Clarke, and that this message is displayed on Scamadviser and not directly to Stacy Clarke

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