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This scam comes straight from one of our Scamadviser users who told us about their story in the comments section.


I ordered 12 items from on November 26, 2018. I received an email within just a few hours letting me know that they had received my order, and would send me another email after it was sent. They charged my credit card at that time.

When I had not received the notification of the order being sent out, or the order itself, I contacted the company via the only method that they have available for customers to reach them, that being their email. Between Dec 18, 2018 and Dec 26, 2018, I sent 4 emails to Although their site says that they usually answer emails within 1 Business Day, mine were never answered.

On Dec 26, 2018, however, I DID get an email from requesting me to Rate the products I had received. As I had not received Any of my 12 items I had ordered, I wrote ANOTHER email to them. That email also went unanswered for a total of 5 unanswered emails.

After another week, I went online and started rating the products I had ordered, giving every one of the 12 items only a 1 star rating, and explaining on each one WHY I was giving that rating. Then, on January 4, 2019, I received 12 more emails from, each of them asking me to attach a picture to each of my product reviews. So, I wrote up how unhappy I was with their service, and the fact that they never return emails, and that I never received any products, despite them having my money now for close to 6 weeks. I took a picture of what I had written, and attached it to each of my product reviews, thinking, surely, this will get someone's attention and maybe they will actually get back to me.

But, no it did not... In fact, I tried to see if I could add another "picture" to any of the items I reviewed, and received a notice that my review already has an approved image. So, they have approved the image, but NEVER actually attach it to my product review. In fact, I gave 12 reviews for the 12 different products I had ordered, ALL of them were unfavorable, and, you guessed it... They have not displayed a single one of them!

So, let's see, they don't fill the orders one sends in, they DO charge your credit card right away. They don't send any updates saying that the order has been sent or has been delayed. They don't answer emails, even 5 separate ones (and I started sending them from 2 different accounts also). But they DO ask you to review the products you never received, and then they DON'T display any negative reviews.

How would I rate this company? Horrible!!! Likely a total scam. Tomorrow, I will be calling the Better Business Bureau, AND my credit card company to get my money back thru them. Even if they said that they would now send me my order, I would refuse. After all, they give a 30 days money back guarantee, supposedly from 30 days after you receive your order.. What's the likelihood that I would actually get a RESPONSE to an email, if I wrote to them asking to return an item? Yup - that answer would be zilch!

Don't waste your time and money on purchasing anything from this company. It will be just that.... a total waste!


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