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I recently purchased 2 magnetic cases for samsung s8 for me and my wife from order nr. 12860 value 40.46 usd after waiting several days for my order to be shipped and no information from caseibuy when my order will be shipped i contacted them by email.First i got an email telling them are out of work till 12/02/2019.

After that date i contacted them again and got a reply to wait some more time since they do strict test to the product before shipping,after several days i contacted them again and ask for a tracking number and got the reply to wait few more time since they warehouse staff are dispatching parcels soon.At this poin i asked to cancel my order and send back my money but they reply they will give the priority to my order to be shipped once again i send several emails where i ask for my money back and got a surpricely reply form caseibuy where they tell to choose another product since the one i payed for isnt in stock anymore and i have to wait longer.I have contacted them again asking for my money back but as i can see they do not want to send me back my money,this is a total scam they got my hard earning money and dont deliver the product.

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