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Well it looks like I’m another victim. I purchased THEN read the reviews! Silly me! I went and read the T @ C’s about the cancellation policy and it said if the order is cancelled prior to dispatch that’s fine. So within 1 hour of purchasing I sent an email requesting cancellation and of course the auto response was “we will reply within 2-3 days” so by now of course my item has been posted. I also paid $10US for 3-5 day postage as I wanted it for a Xmas present the standard response from the seller is that I will get my item in 15-20 days. Again I asked for a refund and was told this was not possible as it had already been shipped so instead their kind gesture was to offer $5 postage discount. I do not want this item and can not get a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE IT SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. You do not confirmation all you get is that shipping is 3-15 days (which means2 months plus if ever) your item has been shipped, it is on the way or most of your order has been shipped? Then given a shipping number that means nothing, it is not a transport company it’s a tracking company and gives no valid info (google that company as well just as many unhappy customers)I asked them 3 times for an update,from them not the tracking site!!!?I get a reply that it is missing and wait a few more days for it to show up.
My Dear friends, most of your order is on the way, and it won't take long for you to get it. Since we don't have enough customer service staff to answer tens of thousands of people every day, I apologize on behalf of the company. (Most of those no doubt are complaints post in the timeframe promised and you won’t get 10s of thousands enquiries)
A favorite response I’ve seen to enquiries is “It must appear in front of the children before Christmas.????????” well it won’t fit my grand children!
Another response is - Ninety percent of the goods have been shipped, and the remaining goods will be dispatched today. please wait patiently. I sincerely apologize on behalf of the company for the delayed delivery of the goods????????????
What about the other 10%?

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