Online Shopping Scams is a SCAM!

I ordered 4 watches for $800 (with a $200 off coupon), so my total tab was supposed to be around $630. AnyReplicaWatches kept hitting my credit card for larger and larger amounts. First 645, then 655, and finally $685. And, once they had my money, they started asking me for pictures of my passport and the current date. This was supposedly for me to be able to prove who I was to satisfy their internal double-checks or something like that. I called my credit card company and asked if it was normal for a seller to request a picture of my passport, and they said absolutely not. And, I already knew that. So, my credit card company cancelled all of the ever-increasing charges. And, I let AnyReplicaWatches know not to ship anything. What kind of website is this? They charge an inflated amount, start asking for phishing information, and delay/delay/delay any thought of shipping something. I didn't wait to find out if anything was going to be shipped once the phishing started. AVOID THIS WEBSITE AT ALL COSTS. IT IS A SCAM WEBSITE!

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