Online Shopping Scams - My money was stolen by the merchant on Aliexpress

I made the purchase order on 22/6/2019 and two days later the seller asked me to cancel the purchase because he no longer shipped the product to my country anymore and he asked me to work cause other reasons and I worked the reason that the seller refused to ship the order but I was surprised that it was the second day after what I canceled the order before confirming that the seller had confirmed the shipment and I could no longer get my money back because it confirmed the order was shipped and before I could make a dispute to get my money back I was surprised that Ali Express had suspended my account and is no longer active and so I lost hope of recovering my money through I signed with the seller all the friendly ways to get my money back and I made a special PayPal account to send J my money on it but it is useless I have confirmed that it is a quorum and stole my money through you and the letters between me and him proving that and the order number is 103274465917187 - I hope you find me a solution with this trader Nisab Haramy - the merchant named DEKO Official Store - and a facility for your image Order the product worth $ 38.1

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