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Please stay away from this company it’s a scam , after you ordered they will email you saying they received it and since they processed with PayPal so you get a confirmation and a tracking number, the day of supposed delivery you get a notice said delivered but you don’t get nothing when you check , so I called ups with my tracking number I gave them my name and address they said nope they have someone else name and different address for this tracking, so I called PayPal opened a dispute they waited they company sent confirmation of delivery put only provided just my city and zip then PayPal declined my dispute, so I kept calling them to explain it’s a scam I never received anything and usps have a fake address and name that’s not me , finally today ups was able to emailed me the delivery paper so PayPal can see it was not delivered to me , they gave me my money back !!! It’s in process now to my card!!!! You don’t want this headache, I’m 8 months pregnant and I ordered a car seat and stroller!!! I’m a private investigator so they scammed the wrong person

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