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Last night when I called this company they pretended that they were United Airlines and proceeded to tell me that I had to pay a change fee for an error in a middle name because after November 14th it was United Airlines policy to charge 150 dollars on anything that was to be changed even if less than 24 hours passed on ticketing.

When I asked to talk to the supervisor he said the same thing and said since it was airline policy that he couldn't do anything except knock of 50 dollars. When I told them that I run a travel agency to Cuba and use United for my clients their answer was that I can afford the change fee then which I thought was so rude.

Also, I called United last night to check on the name change and together we found out that they got the booking details from me, charged my card and then called United to make the change for free. Then the United agent called them to investigate and they told her they are not farekingdom and have nothing to do with United. She called the same number I did.

Please check other reviews on them on Trustpilot and Google. They have scammed many by buying ads on google to make them show up first when you search for airline contacts. They showed up first when I googled the United Airlines customer service number. I have already disputed the charge but I will do everything to expose these awful liars and also can barely speak decent english so it's obvious their fake good reviews are from themselves.

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