Online Shopping Scams - Shoes sale scam

I ordered sneakers from this website and initially the payment was 108 aud dollars but then it was increased to 118, after purchasing (assumedly they keep card details). This happened 2 days after the purchase, and it was suspicious but I thought it’s unexpected shipping expenses and didn’t complain. The shipping time was longer than it’s advertised. The shoes I finally got were completely different, nothing similar to what I ordered, they were cheap poor quality chinese red sneakers! I immediately contacted the seller and they confirmed that somehow mistake happened so I asked for my shoes to be delivered. They said that I need to pay for them again! Also that the shoes I got are beautiful and I should definitely keep them! I rejected and asked them a number of times to either send the sneakers I paid for or refund me, they said to give them someone as a present and they will give a discount to my family to purchase me a new shoes! Huge internet scam. Please contact me if you need email chain, receipts, or any other information.

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