Online Shopping Scams pink jacket instead of a black cardigan

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I confirm, they are scammers from China (!). No possibility to contact them effectively – no email address, no phone number, the only contact form is through their webpage but I presume all messages that I sent do not even reach them but end up in some black hole.

Account registration on their www does not work I got info it went successfully but it did not get activated, when tried to login anyway using the option of “change the password” I received the info that the new one has been just emailed to me email address – no need to mention that it obviously did not happen. Sent about 5 messages – no reply to any of them.

Today I received some parcel from China, it came to be ….a pink jacked, though I ordered …a black cardigan. I am not even sure it’s from them as the address and company name of a sender is completely different but this is the only transaction I made when China is concerned (though I did not realize the shop is Chinese when ordering my cardigan). I already blocked my credit card, informed my bank about the fraud and requested to cancel the transition and asked about the money return. Awaiting the progress.

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