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Magnolia Craftshop

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This company saying their company name is Magnolia Craftshop. They posted an ad on facebook, saying they were a small "mom and pop" shop. They said that they were just starting to put their store up on the internet.

They said because they wanted to get word of mouth out, that they were giving away a free letterboard all people had to do was pay the shipping.

Thousands of people commented, and shared this post and went to get their free letter board on the site. Many people bought accessories (at an extra cost), everything seemed legit. Their website was professional, they sent a confirmation number once your order was place.

The first red flag was when the store charged my credit card it said "2nd street convenience store", then when my tracking number came in the product said that it was being shipped from China post.

Their website has since been removed, and their facebook page is gone without a trace.

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