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One time transaction cost me over 600 Euro. That is true, the is nothing but a combination of fraudulent and witty dishonest people. I reached their website cross google search and I placed my first order from them for a value of over 600 Euro, much higher than the value of same item in Chinese website. Because of internet fraud, I thought that I will be more safe to buy from German company than Chinese company; they use "https" protocol that make me feel a bit confident; however this company "Mckeys" prove that I was absolutely wrong, fraud action can happen even in Germany - Europe and safe protocols does not guarantee safe transactions. It was in March when I placed my order and now it is June and I never received my purchases. They pretend it is available immediately and ship in couple of days. They kept telling lies and fake promises that they will send in few days. They pretend that shipping company DPD has not delivered the package and gave me a fake tracking number containing an envelope (may be empty); what is worse, they ask me to sign a claim form and send back to them in order to send me replacement in 72 hours. I am not a German speaker so I signed the blank form and returned back to them. They promise to send me copy of the claim form on next day but till now I receive nothing and don't know what information they fill in and which bank account they use in the form. They may be get reimbursement from DPD, who knows, that is another fraud action added to the first.
One day I asked a friend in Germany to call them, they answer after several attempts and told him to let me write to them and update the delivery address and they will send the order in couple of days. I did, however nothing happened so far. It was another lie. I lost my money. Never buy from Mckeys, don't trust Mckeys. They are nothing but liars, don't trust unknown seller.

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