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Dexparts Car Spares ( appears to be a genuine webstore, offering discontinued original car parts. When contacting them through their webform they answer within reasonable time. Their email looks legitimate, correct English, no spelling or grammar mistakes. When navigating the webstore, selecting parts and checkout seem normal, but payment is only possible through credit card (offering a 10% discount) or by bank transfer. No PayPal or other options. When checking out my credit card payment was blocked, so I selected bank transfer. I then received an order confirmation by email in which they informed me that they would contact me with their bank information after checking the availablity of my order. Within half an hour they confirmed the availablility of my order but the email with the invoice didn't contain their bank information. Instead it had a link back to their website. Once there I immediately was contacted through a chat session, reminding me I could save 10% off my order by using visa or mastercard. When I explained that didn't work, they informed me that their anti-fraud system was probably triggered and that a short verification procedure should be taken to ensure I was the real owner of the payment method that I had used. The procedure would take no longer than 2 minutes and would make a verification transaction. At this point I decided to contact the fraud department of my creditcard company. I had used my credit card only once this year (when trying to pay the dexparts order), so it was easy to connect any activity on my account to dexparts. The transaction that was blocked by the anti-fraud algorithm of my creditcard company actually tried to withdraw 900 euro (far more then the dexparts invoice) for bitcoins from! The dexparts website has contact information, stating a company in Germany, including their address but not a telephone number or email address. I googled them and indeed there is a legitimate carparts store on that address. I called them and they informed me that they didn't have a webstore, that they had no connection with dexparts and that they had been contacted before by several customers asking about dexparts.All in all there is no evidence indicating that might actually be a legitimate webstore; every aspect suggests it's a scam.

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