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First of all, the size of the clothes that they sent is not correct. I bought a Medium size, and I received a Small size. They aren’t assuming that mistake.

Also, the pictures of the coat that I bought have nothing to do with what I got. In the image on their website looks like it has texture. The coat has one shoulder visibly not sewn correctly and there is an entirely different colours.

On the other hand, the blouses are so poorly put together and it is unstitched in some parts. The lower part shows the lack of care in the layer.

The pictures are totally fake wit the real products!

In their web site said that they can refund your money if you’re not happy, but it’s not true.

After a long time trying to have an answer, they said: “If you want to send the item back for exchange or refund, (they don’t gave you an address), the return-shipping fee needs to be afforded by yourself. Considering the high shipping fee to return it all the way back to our warehouse, we suggest that you keep the item and we can refund $25 or offer $27 cash coupon to you as compensation”. And I spent $110.

The worst experience ever and the worst quality of clothes. Don’t buy here. You are going to throw your money to the street. The worst part is the pictures in the we site aren’t true!

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