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I ordered 2pcs of 1oz gold coins on the 02/Dec/2018. I received wire instructions on the same day. I sent payment of 3551.02 USD on the same day, which was deducted from my account on the 03/Dec/2018, and I informed them about the transfer by email. The two gold coins are stated still available on their website with a 3-5 days of shipping policy: Here is the first one: and here is the second one: . The two gold coins never arrived however I received an order confirmation from them. As I did not receive any emails about possible delay or problem I started to inquire about my order by emails which was given on the order confirmation and on their website (****): 08/Jan/2019 first email - no answer arrived. 12/Jan/2019 second email - no answer arrived. 08/Febr/2019 third email - no answer arrived. I asked information by chat on their website (, the answer was that they can't get any information from the shipping department. Then I called the customer service many times (****). I talked with Any and Sarah. All the time they put me on hold, and after waiting a lot they answered that thay can't get any information from the shipping department. I called Any again and I asked them to cancel my order and send back the amount. Any agreed and told that she would arrange it, but nothing happened again. I sent them an email also (25/Febr/2019) about my cancelation, but no answer arrived. I sent them another email (21/March/2019) in which I asked them about the procedure of sending back my money, no answer arrived. On 25/March, I sent an email about the copy of my payment, and asked a confirmation about the cancelation, no answer arrived. I instructed my bank to attempt to draw back the amount, and I informed American Heritage about it by email on the 26/March/2018. They did not respond to my bank's request. I reported this case to the Better Business Bureau (BBB case nr. 689012). BBB contacted American Heritage, but no answer arrived, BBB closed the case as unanswered. More similar cases were reported to BBB regarding undelivered products from American Heritege. Please inform me what can I do in this case. I am ready to cover all the costs of this case.

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