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Hello friends
I was Intent to buy a few laptops, and I sent an email to Aklan Compo Electronics Asia Limited، a person called ****,From this company Sent me a message،With this phone number (****)(****), saying: "We are a prestigious company, We produce the laptop and the original mobile phone." He was agreed to send two laptops to me as sample.He gave me this MoneyGram account information:

First name: ****
Middle name: *****
Last name: ****
Address: ****
City: ****
State: metro ****
Country : ****

I paid $ 220 for him,
He then said that the money had not come to my hands, and that the money had been returned.Then he gave this the account number and told me to send money again:

Bank Name : ****
Bank Address: ***
Account Number: ****
Beneficiary Name: ****
Swift Code: ****
Owner Address: ****
City State; ****

I sent him $ 220 again,
And I was waiting for the return of money from the MoneyGram, But MoneyGram said they had received money.
After paying money, he said: "We can not send two laptops. The lowest number we can send is 10 laptops And pay another $ 460, Then we send laptops. I said I do not want this 10 pcs, please return my money.He said we can not return your money.
I told him I introduce you as a scammer on the Internet
If you do this, we will complain of you.
He told me a lot of lies, Talking about them ,want a lot of time

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