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We purchased 1 unit of dx7 printhead from a company based in Indonesia (name and address as below) and transferred $600 via western union on 16th of April 2019. IndoElectronic promised to ship the product immediately however after few days when we heard nothing we tried to contact them. Someone named Ms. **** advised that company's policy is to ship the goods overseas only if we've spent over US $3000. At that time we suspected something is wrong. We advised them to have it delivered within Indonesia and now since then they have blocked all our numbers and stopped replying to our emails.

Here is the company's detail:

***** | Sales IndoElectronic
Company IndoElectronic
Address: *****
City/Zip Code: *****
Province/Country: ***** - Indonesia
Telp: +***** | Fax: +***** | Mobile: +*****
Whatsapp: *****
Email: *****

Is there any help available?

Kind regards,


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