Online Shopping Scams buggy and no support

Well, trying to get a solution for a Freelancers marketplace site, I opted for the WPFreelance product offered by this company (a Wordpress theme).

My first impression was good, although when I bought it, they did not send me the download link until I notified to the support by email, and then they enabled the download.

Then the problems started, when editing and configuring it, the product is full of errors everywhere and when I tried to contact the support, they never responded in their Support Forum, nor by email.

I tried to recover my money through PayPal without success. Then I went to post a topic in the Support Forum claiming my money and oh! they eliminated my publication (they also don't respond my emails either) ... How is it then? Do they have time to delete complaints in the Forum but do not have it to support your clients?

If you want to spend money and be scammed, you can buy this product:

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