Online Shopping Scams fake web shop

You order adidas sneakers for 3 Euro by selecting an image of sneakers (1 of 4 possible).

But you get an e-mail confirmation that you ordered NOT sneakers BUT a trial to use their webshop.

Then in this confirmation e-mail is written that they will take from your credit card 2,95 for your account in their web shop. Then you read that if you not cancel your account they will take every month about 40 Euro.

And that is all instead of adidas sneakers for 3 Euro.

If you write after reading this confirmation e-mail, write to support that you want zo cancel your order and accont (that you didn't create and that you do not want to pay) they write back that they close account but do not give 3 Euro back, because it was for opening account, but not for ordering sneakers. Why then I selected white and pink sneakers?

I called in bank and blocked my credit card. But Falinas booked 12 Euro (4 x 3 Euro, I have ordered sneakers from my 4 e-mail accounts) from my credit card. Falinas support Ida does nit react after first e-mail where she writes that I paid for their trial (-who cares?) and I will not get 12 Euro back.

But I ordered sneakers, not trial. If I do not have 3x4=12 Euro back, I initiate reclamation process.

Do not order at Falinas. It is fake! Who knows where do they sell your fredit card number!

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