Online Shopping Scams $1 gift card

I did purchase from for a Saks Fifth Avenue e-gift card with balance of $900.00, and I paid $713.92 with some discount for that order, the purchase was on 11/16/2018.
When I tried to use the gift card from Saks Fifth Avenue online store (, it shows the gift card only has $1.06 at the “place order” page.
I have called Saks Fifth Avenue customer service(the HUDSON’S BAY COMPANY) for the gift card last purchase record and balance information, I got an email from the HUDSON’S BAY COMPANY that shows the last purchase record of this gift card was on 12/28/2016, no more deduction of this gift card after 12/28/2016, and the balance is $1.06.
That means I paid $713.92 to but I got a balance of $1.06 gift card.
I tried to contact the customer service of, I filed claim, but no luck.

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