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Bit-profits club: Fishing investment plan

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1. The web has 3 plan for investing. After we get first profit, we can recieve the profit back. But in the next investing, on withdrawal process, we have to pay for activation every times.
2. The platform all fake that when we withdraw large amount of money, the web will show that withdrawal complete but the money didn't send to our wallet. After I tell them, they told me to ask the Blockchain technician that need more money to him. They did not take responsibility on the issue anyway.
3. After have error on doing any process, they will not take responsibility by sending the funds back or using for another ways to do. They still asked for deposit more and more with the huge amount of money for solving the troubles or errors from their process with the wording: the funds all added to your account. They will not send your money back any ways.

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