Investment Scams Sophisticated deception

Found the company on the internet. They offered 8% on a 2 year investment in Bonds. They called several times and persuaded me to make a bank transfer of many thousands of my retirement savings. I made the transfer and I received what looked like a fake certificate. I became suspicious and emailed to request paperwork. To my shock the emails were not delivered and a pop up said domain does not exist. The same with their website. I reported it to my bank and to ActionFraud. Although there are funds in the scammers account the recipient bank has not, 4 weeks later returned any funds to me. They are investigating. My bank says I am liable because I made the transfer. The FCA advised to complain to the scammers bank who are still investigating. I feel helpless and devastated. These people get away with ruining lives. They then created a new website with a new email address and they keep calling me to invest more.

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