Investment Scams

I was badly scammed by and their traders.
I made a deposit on the platform itself, one of their traders (link to profie ****) started trading on my account, I then had to pay $300 for 'account upgrade' I then eventually withdrew my profits, they then advised I should pay tax (10% of the profit of $5000 = $500) they then sent my funds to blockchain as none spendable where blockchain in itself advised I was being scammed.
I then asked why my funds are non spendable and the platform advised that my trader has the key to unlock the funds. Why give to the trader and not to me?

The trader then claimed he wanted his commission before I could get the keys, I followed through with another payment of $150. He then sent keys THAT DID NOT WORK! he then said he would do a direct transfer, I had to beg for proof of payment. He then eventually sent a money mover 'proof of payment' I contact Money Mover and they confirmed that no payment as such was ever made! When i queried this, he blocked me from all social media!!

Id just like my deposits back, this platform with its scamming traders should be brought down!

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