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Golden day uses WeChat and other means to convince investors they can make you huge returns trading futures of Bitcoin. To be clear, these are futures of BTCUSD traded on the CMOE and not buying and selling bitcoin itself.


They state on their website and in email communication that they are registered with the US National Futures Association (NFA). When you call or email the NFA yourself, you will find out the company is not registered, a member of or regulated by the NFA however Golden Day will continually lie to investors that they are (i.e. mis-leading and illegal). Golden Day has an exemption only from the NFA and therefore are supposed to manage a pool of money. Instead Golden Day solicits new customers and tells them they have licensed and registered traders with high levels of accuracy.


It is impossible to have licensed and registered traders when you are not an active member of the NFA. Golden day will LOSE your investment and then try to convince you to invest even more funds to make up for your losses. They also blame the investor even though a trade investor tells users when to buy, how much to buy and communicates with you real-time through the transaction. There are active complaints filed with the NFA, NFTC and SEC regarding this company.


I recommend to never do business with this company especially since their website falsely and purposely mis-leads investors regarding being registered with and regulated by the US National Futures Association. Separately ask Golden Day about the disclosures required for investors to sign and they will tell you there aren't any (huge red flag). If you do business with this company they will lose every cent you give them and their only response will be for you to invest more and that it was your fault the money was lost!

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