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incoordination with
I approach angel investors and I sent a loan proposal with full documentation including bank reports etc
the loan was approved and a contract was signed the loan for 5 years and all relevant conditions
all looked and sounded legit however when the money needed transfer to my bank account they came up with an excuse of regulation and taxation so that money can be only transferred to
in order to do that you are required 1st to open an account by your email
which I did , then once I provided my account at they immediately transferred the funds (which was great) however I have made commitment to others and I tried to withdraw some of the funds to 3rd party A/C.
withdraw were pending for days when I contacted angel investment they told me that my account needs to be activated so I should contact email my cash support
I did, and they said in order to activate I need to pay by western union or bank transfer an amount of 250$
it sounded fishy and absurd
they provided me with an account of some dude in London
that's when I realized this is a scam and responded "if you want me to make a deposit to my account why the hell I need to deposit it to some one else "
and I added "sorry this is not going to happen"
suddenly my account at was deleted with the funds in it
for those who have contacted or in contact with global angel investors
DO NOT PAY ANY FEES WHAT SO EVER even after they transfer the funds THIS IS A SCAM

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